At Pillory Down Skips Ltd, we’re in a somewhat unique position – offering two distinct, yet related services that each have their own set of health and safety concerns to take into consideration: skip hire and demolition. Over the many years we’ve been working in Worcester Park and the wider Surrey area, these concerns have evolved both alongside official regulations, and our own commitment to refining best practice.

In fact, one of the reasons why domestic, commercial and industrial clients in the Worcester Park area select us over competing skip hire and demolition companies, is how stringent we are in this area. Residential clients find this commitment reassuring as, often times, the work we carry out occurs while they live in the property itself; they might have children or pets, and need a company that will take all the necessary measures to protect their safety.

Commercial and industrial clients also value our approach, due to the requisite corporate oversight and the potential for legal culpability should an employed skip hire or demolition company cut corners and lead their site to become a hazard to employees or members of the public. So whatever job we’re working on in Worcester Park or its surrounds, we always start with a consultation with the client, and a thorough risk assessment. But what are the key regulatory areas we monitor?

A Rigorous Approach to Health & Safety Regulations

Skip Hire – As a licenced waste carrier, we have jumped through the necessary hoops to prove ourselves a responsible handler, and a company that both maximises waste recycled/minimises that which goes to landfill; relevant legislation also prevents Worcester Park clients from placing skips on public highways without permits. Unlike many skip hire companies, we help clients in this process by submitting applications on their behalf and providing necessary items such as cones and reflectors (ensuring the skip is safe on a road at night).

Demolition – The Building Act 1984 features a number of important regulations that govern the demolition work we take on around Worcester Park. These both regulate what can be demolished (e.g monuments or buildings in conservation areas are off limits, prior to formal permission being received from the local planning authority), and how the demolition should be undertaken. It’s vital an in depth and detailed health and safety plan is produced, which also helps us narrow down relevant/irrelevant clauses and sub clauses.

To discuss your individual requirements with our skip hire or demolition specialists, call Worcester Park’s Pillory Down Skips Ltd on 07710 038 551...