The services we provide domestic, commercial and industrial clients in the Epsom area aren’t the flashiest – but skip hire and demolition are all completely foundational, and can determine whether a project will meet your high standards; what’s more, each complements the other.

First for Skip Hire

As our name suggests, a core service is skip hire, which allows you to responsibly deal with waste accumulated during the course of a development, clear out or similar job. But what separates a top skip hire company, like Pillory Down Skips Ltd, from the average Epsom competitor?

Again, nothing flashy… simply put, we are ready to quickly deliver you a receptacle matched to the needs of your project, and step into collect it (and if needs be replace it) as soon as it’s full. While some companies are tardy, difficult to get a hold of, and vague with their advice – we raise the bar for skip hire in Epsom by being punctual and helpful at all times.

Unrivalled Demolition Services

Then there’s our demolition services. As with skip hire, we take on demolition jobs of all shapes and sizes; we carry out thorough risk assessments to ensure that hazards are handily dealt with/worked around, then we select the right tools for the job. A commercial strip out, in which the key structure is maintained but particular partitions are removed along with piping and electrics, will obviously call for a different set of tools and approach to a total demolition.

Our commitment to transparency means we work closely with our Epsom clients so they are aware of every aspect of our approach, and why we take it. This is part of the reason Pillory Down Skips Ltd has built a network of repeat clients for skip hire and demolition – they have peace of mind and are never left in the dark.

To learn more about our skip hire and demolition services, call Pillory Down Skips Ltd on 07710 038 551. We’re based just a stone’s throw from Epsom, in Banstead.