We’re always making the trip from our hometown of Banstead, to nearby Purley. Homeowners and companies in the area know us as a trusted name that can provide skip hire and demolition services at short notice, to a high standard of workmanship, at affordable prices.

Below, we’ve collected a few recent questions we’ve received from Purley clients, addressing various aspects of the two aforementioned service areas of skip hire and demolition. If you wish to consult with our team, or perhaps to ask a different question that’s come to mind, cut right to the chase by calling 07710 038 551.

Purley Clients’ Questions Answered

What qualifications do your team hold?

Whether providing skip hire and demolition services, our staff carry CSCS cards with them at all time. This is proof of qualifications gained under the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. These cards vary in type, depending on the seniority of the holder, but typically list the various training programs they have undertaken on their reverse.

While not legally required to provide skip hire or demolition work, we value them as they give our Purley clients peace of mind – showing that we’ve gone “above and beyond” to ensure our staff can deliver quality workmanship, safely.

I’m concerned about the impact of a demolition on neighbours. How can we navigate this?

The crucial thing is to ensure that you have the relevant paperwork filled out, and that Purley’s local authority has green stamped the proper forms that give you the official go-ahead. Pillory Down Skips is happy to help clients in this process, whether they need a permit for skip hire vessels to be placed on a public highway, or HSE approval for a demolition.

But beyond covering the legal side of things, we recognise you wish to show neighbours, who might have young children or gruelling work schedules, a certain level of care and respect; we recommend speaking with them before demolition work begins, or before skip hire companies are due to pick up and drop off large vessels. If there’s a particular time that they object to, and you are willing to find a compromise, inform us and we’ll work around it. Keep in mind that our team, whatever type of project we’re working on in Purley, will always look to minimise the impact in terms of noise/dust/etc.

What kind of plant equipment do you use during demolitions?

For smaller residential projects we handle in the Purley area, such as minor demolition projects, we may not even need to employ plant. However, if we do – we’ll resort with highly mobile and manoeuvrable dumpers and diggers, on the smaller side of things. More significant undertakings may call for more powerful machines, if the space on your site allows for them.

Want to speak with a member of the Pillory Down Skips team? Pick up the phone and dial 07710 038 551. There’s no better choice for skip hire and demolition in Purley.