Previously, Pillory Down Skips Ltd’s online presence was split in between two websites; one handled our skip hire services, and the other our demolition offerings. But we realised that many clients in our hometown of Banstead, and all throughout our principal service area of Surrey, wanted both of these services delivered by one team that they could trust. Many didn’t know that we were exactly that team until it was too late, and they’d already sounded out a second, or even third contractor.

So we brought them together under one roof, in a bid to show just how complementary each offering is. On this page, we’ve run through a few reasons why you might feel the need to call in the Pillory Down Skips Ltd team. Should you be in any of the below situations, or for any other reason believe our skip hire and demolition services could be of aid – call our Banstead office on 07710 038 551.

Reasons to Call in Our Team

You’re Moving Property

If you’re moving to a new home, or perhaps moving office or industrial premises, then our skip hire services can be invaluable. We deliver a receptacle to you that can handle the often surprising amount of waste and unwanted items that you accumulated while sorting through your things, ensuring that:

  1. The property is left as new for the next occupier
  2. You don’t bring a ton of useless items to your next property, where they’ll simply take up of valuable space

Often times, our Banstead clients are moving because they’ve outgrown their current residence or office… it would make little sense to reduce that space when you can use our skip hire services to start fresh with a clean slate.

You’re Investing in a Home Improvement

Looking to boost property value and increase usable space at the same time? An extension may be the ideal option. But before work begins on the above ground structure, you’ll likely need demolition specialists to create space for the integration of your existing property and the new space.

Both these jobs accrue a lot of waste, which is where our experience as a skip hire company becomes so complementary. You can see why Banstead clients so often opt for Pillory Down Skips Ltd for these kinds of project: we are able to handle every aspect of the job in house, to a consistent standard of excellence.

So what are you waiting for? Whether it’s for our skip hire and demolition services, call Banstead based Pillory Down Skips Ltd on 07710 038 551.