Many of our Carshalton clients call us to ask questions concerning our skip hire and demolition services. We’re always happy to answer queries and provide advice, but thought to save you some time we’d collect a handful of common questions and answer them here

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Carlshalton Clients’ Questions Answered

What kind of projects can you skip hire services assist with?

Skip hire is suitable for any and all jobs that will see a significant amount of waste accumulated. While the first things that jump to most people’s minds are home extensions, commercial re-fits, new build construction schemes and refurbishments, skip hire is also ideal for Carshalton residents who are due to move home or office, or perhaps carry out a garden clearance.

Does your team work in all weather conditions?

Yes, all year round! We have the equipment and necessary training to work on both very hot and very cold days, in the rain etc. The only times we’ll need to reschedule demolition activity is if extreme weather conditions are putting our workers’ safety at risk.

I’m concerned a demolition project may interfere with underground infrastructure. What can you do?

There’s no need to worry, as we carry out thorough site assessments before beginning any demolition in Carshalton, often consulting building plans and public resources to ensure that vital electrtical/water/telephone infrastructure is unaffected by the planned works.

For a quote, or post a different question, call our skip hire and demolition specialists on 07710 038 551. We’re based a short drive from Carshalton, in Banstead.