These days, it feels like every skip hire company and every demolition company touts themselves as the best option available to clients in any given area. Obviously, it’s impossible that they can all be correct! And while it may seem like we’re falling into the same trap, showing off the quality of services we provide the Sutton area, the difference is that we can back it up…

That’s the purpose of this page: to show prospective clients in Sutton why they should trust Pillory Down Skips Ltd, based in nearby Banstead, for all their skip hire and demolition needs. If you’re still unsure by the time you’ve finished this page, or you’d rather cut right to the chase and discuss your individual needs and how our team can meet them (or simply to get a quote), then pick up the phone and call 07710 038 551.

Why Choose Pillory Down Skips Over Competing Sutton Companies?

Complementary Services – Let’s say you’re launching a new home or commercial premises development, which involves demolishing an old aspect of the property, and rebuilding from the ground up; not a particularly rare project – most extensions, and many major refurbishments follow this format. Why take on the hassle of finding separate skip hire and demolition companies? The coordination alone could become stressful, and then what if the quality of work of one company falls short and thus undermines that of the rest? With Pillory Down Skips Ltd, you get a company that can handle two aspects of the job, to a consistently high standard.

Affordability – We closely monitor competitors in both of our service areas, ensuring our prices stay competitive, and that Sutton clients can get quality skip hire or demolition services at distinctly affordable prices. Remember, many companies say they price competitively – but the quote says otherwise. So contact us for a quote to see just how true to our word we are!

Approach to Customer Service – Unlike many larger competitors, Pillory Down Skips Ltd is a family-run company; when we say the reputation of our family and our team relies on us delivering a high quality of customer service, we really mean it! Part of the reason for the continued success of our business, and the reason why we’re a popular choice in all two of our service areas – skip hire as much as demolition – is that we are highly personable, providing no obligation and expert advice to clients from the initial consultation, to after the work is complete.

Why opt for anything less than Sutton’s best? Whether it’s our skip hire team specialists, or you require a perfectly staged demolition, call 07710 038 551.