First and foremost, using a skip company makes it easier to dispose of waste left over at the end of a project. Pillory Down Skips Ltd, located in Banstead, makes regular deliveries to Sutton and always puts its units in positions that make it easier for our customers to fill them. When you hire a skip to dispose of unwanted materials, it should always be a simple process and one that doesn’t leave you out of pocket.

Isn’t that the objective of a cheap skip hire service anyway?

Unfortunately, some first-time users in Sutton choose a skip company that’s not completely transparent over extra charges and costs. This is never the case with Pillory Down Skips Ltd. We talk to our customers about all aspects of waste disposal and management, particularly the extra fees incurred when they hire a skip and make what we see as avoidable mistakes.

We keep skip hire cheap with an honest, ethical and open approach to business.

Advance Bookings

Always book ahead of time to get the best possible deal from a skip company. Some operators in Sutton will have discounts available for customers who book well in advance and, even if you do choose one of our rivals, Pillory Down Skips Ltd still wants you to get more bang for your buck. Hire a skip as early as possible, and you’ll never have to worry about availability either.

Because we offer cheap skip hire services at all times and can usually make same or next-day deliveries at short notice, our skip company guarantees a fair price no matter when you call to make a booking.

Skip Hire Permits

If you want to hire a skip but don’t have enough space on your Sutton property or site to accommodate one, obtain a permit for roadside positioning or ask us to arrange one on your behalf. Position a skip on the roadside and you, or the skip company you use, could face financial penalties that make the concept of cheap skip hire altogether more expensive.

Pillory Downs Skips Ltd works with the local authority for Sutton on a regular basis to obtain skip permits for use over a set period of time, at a cost that’s significantly cheaper than a fine.

Overloading Skips

Skips have maximum weight limits that we strongly advise our customers not to exceed. If you do overload a skip, or if it doesn’t have a level load, we can’t remove it from your Sutton property or workspace safely. This could mean you’ll need to have another skip delivered to manage the surplus. When you make the decision to hire a skip, carefully consider how much waste you’ll generate and choose a size that leaves a little room spare just in case you underestimate.

Our skip company can help you to calculate your load in black bin bag sizes, and we will recommend a unit or container that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

Pillory Down Skips Ltd makes skip hire simple and affordable. Repetitive trips to a local tip or waste transfer centre in the Sutton area costs you time, money and wear on your own vehicle. A cheap skip hire service is the ideal way to manage unwanted materials in an ethical manner, at a moderate cost, with environmental and sustainability targets firmly in mind.

To hire a skip for a domestic project in Sutton, call Pillory Down Skips Ltd on 0208 652 5883. We are cheap skip hire specialists for all Surrey and South West London areas.