At Pillory Down Skips Ltd, we place a big emphasis on providing affordable skip hire; our prices are extremely competitive amongst companies active in Epsom and wider Surrey. But there are ways to minimise the cost of waste disposal via skip hire that go beyond simply choosing the right company. That’s the subject of the latest installation of the Pillory Down Skips Ltd blog.

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How to Reduce the Cost of Waste Disposal

Consider Donation – One person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure, as they say, so keep in mind when clearing out a garage, garden, attic or commercial space that certain unwanted items could find a happy home elsewhere. There are a few different ways that our Epsom clients can go about this, thus minimising or avoiding the need for skip hire:

Family & Friends – Artists, hobbyists, young children, enthusiasts – consider how things you want rid of could be used, and get imaginative! But remember that it’s always worth giving them a call, rather than simply dropping it off at their doorstep.

Charity – Epsom residents have a large number of charity shops right there on the high street, and many will take unwanted items that are sellable. Plus you get to contribute to a good cause; win-win!

Consider Re-use – Sometimes we’re a bit too quick to jump to the conclusion that something must be scrapped; many items are completely reusable, or can be easily/cheaply repaired if just in a bit of a bad condition. While this is unlikely to prevent the need for skip hire in the case of a clear out or upcoming move, it will mean Epsom customers can choose a smaller size skip, thus saving money.

Break Up Waste – Getting rid of bulky items? If you can safely break them up to better fit within the skip hire containers we provide you, you’ll need it to be emptied less and/or you can opt for a smaller one. This might seem like a no-brainer, but we’re always encountering situations around Epsom where bulky items have haphazardly and inefficiently been bundled in a skip.

Get the Right Size, First Time – Over on our skip sizes page, we’ve listed the quantity of waste that each skip vessel we offer can take, along with its price. We hope these descriptions will help you ascertain which to opt for, but we also provide tailored advice to Epsom residents in need of skip hire, ensuring they make the right decision. Getting the right skip first time round will save money, avoiding the need for multiple skips/trips to our processing facility, or (if you go too big) avoiding over spending.

To learn more about the skip hire services we provide Epsom and the wider Surrey area, call Pillory Down Skips Ltd on 0208 652 5883 or 07710 038 551.