Welcome back to the Pillory Down Skips Ltd blog! Today’s post looks at the laws and legislation that surround skip hire, a service we proudly provide our hometown of Banstead, and all surrounding locales within wider Surrey. We hope it’ll help both prospective customers, and internet users looking for a clear and to-the-point description of skip hire regulation, a handy and enlightening resource.

If you have any questions regarding skip hire regulation, or wish to speak with us to discuss your waste management book a skip, cut right to the chase by calling us on 0208 652 5883 or 07710 038 551. Our prices are exceptionally competitive, and we have a wide selection of skips in different sizes, to suit everything from a garage clear out to a major commercial development occurring in or nearby Banstead.

Skip Hire Regulations – Skips & The Law

Permitted Waste – Not everything can be disposed of via skips; many items will be need to be disposed of by other means. This includes, but is not limited to: asbestos, fridges, oil, tyres, paints, pesticides and medical waste. If you have any doubts about what a skip hire company can handle and dispose of, call ours in Banstead for clarification. Alternatively, a full list of prohibited types can be found on the site’s hazardous waste section.

Fly Tipping – You are responsible for the waste placed in your skip. If some were to be blown out and down the road, or taken and eventually fly tipped, you could still be subject to serious fines. So in high winds, covering your skip is a great idea; and when your skip is full, give our Banstead based team a call to empty it and don’t take matters into your own hands, as tempting as it might seem.

Licencing – If your skip is to sit on your driveway or private land, you don’t need to worry about securing a permit. But if it’s to sit, even partially, on a public highway or footpath – you will need to secure the appropriate paper work. As Banstead’s trusted local skip hire specialists, we can assist you with this. There is usually a small charge, and the need for particular measures to be taken, such as use of reflectors and appropriate signage. Licences usually also require that skips don’t block pavements, exits, and entrances of utilities, and are not placed within 15m of a junction.

Health & Safety – Fines can also be doled out if certain health and safety regulations aren’t met. Some examples include a contact name and phone number clearly marked on the skip, traffic cones being placed around the skip, safety lamps being incorporated. Banstead clients needn’t worry about these those; we’ll ensure all are adhered to.

Banstead’s Pillory Down Skips provide a standard of skip hire that meets all current UK and EU regulations, ensuring client peace of mind. Call us on 0208 6525883 or 07710 038 551.