Defined as the illegal dumping of waste, fly tipping might seem a small-scale practice when a member of the public offloads a minimal amount of household material but, in the hands of organised criminals, is an eyesore and an environmental menace. Hire a skip or call a skip company to book a wait-and-load service and dispose of your waste responsibly. Pillory Down Skips Ltd is a trusted cheap skip hire specialist with services available in the Purley area.

Located in Banstead, our skip company sees the effect of fly tipping on a regular basis. We believe that most people who dump waste illegally do so because they don’t want to pay the costs associated with a licensed removal or skip hire service. Very few show concerns for the environmental impact of their actions, or the potential for heavy penalties which, in Purley and Surrey, could total £50,000 in fines and 12 months of imprisonment.

It makes just as much social sense to hire a skip as it makes economic sense. Cheap skip hire services like those provided by our company come at a fraction of the cost of a fine, and we can supply skips to our customers in sizes ranging from 4 to 20 yards.

The Effects of Fly Tipping

In our role as a skip company that always makes sustainable initiatives a priority, we know more than most how far-reaching an effect fly tipping has not just on areas like Purley, but particularly so in locations with a sizeable human or wildlife population. Pillory Down Skips Ltd has seen the associated environmental impact of pollution, arson and pest infestations first hand, and it isn’t an encouraging sight.

Even the use of an unscrupulous operator or skip company could land you a fine if dumped materials lead directly back to your home or business address. Hire a skip from a reputable local company such as Pillory Down Skips Ltd and you – and your reputation – will always be in the best possible hands.

When we first started our cheap skip hire service, the UK had more than 940,000 incidents of reported fly tipping with many in the local Banstead and Purley areas. This figure rose to over 1,000,000 by the end of 2017.

One can only imagine the environmental impact of fly tipping worldwide.

Cheap skip hire shows a responsibility to the planet and our future generations. We implore that you hire a skip to manage you domestic or commercial waste, or to at least dispose of your unwanted materials at a licensed waste transfer centre. Skips provide an excellent option for disposal, but a wait-and-load service is just as effective and equally good for the world we live in; a world we share and must care for together.

Pillory Down Skips Ltd is the trusted name for skip hire in Purley. We are licensed waste carriers and a reputable skip company with employer and public liability insurance.

Hire a skip for domestic or commercial use with confidence. Call Pillory Down Skips Ltd on 0208 652 5883. We are cheap skip hire specialists for Purley and the surrounding areas.