Over the years we’ve been serving as a local skip hire choice for domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Mitcham and its surrounds, we’ve seen many competitors come and go. Our resiliency is down to our refusal to ever drop standards; we want to provide the gold standard for skip hire year in and year out, and not rest on our laurels. But how can you, as someone in need of a skip, ensure you find a company that’s an objectively good choice?

That’s what this latest blog post is all about: sounding out skip hire companies. While we hope that anyone in or around Mitcham will opt for Pillory Down Skips Ltd, we’re well aware that people like to shop around. So this short post should help you in that! We’ll also use it as an opportunity to, as the saying goes, “sell ourselves” – showing you how we tick the boxes on the skip hire wish list!

Choosing a Skip Hire Company

Compare Quotes – While this is fairly general advice that goes for nearly all services that you can opt for, it’s important. Not all skip hire services available in and around Mitcham are priced in the same way. Ask for a few quotes, while considering the reputation of the provider. Sometimes it’s worth paying slightly more for skips if you know the provider is going to give great customer service. After all, “too good to be true” is often exactly that! Pillory Down Skips makes a concerted effort to challenge local competitors by keeping skip hire costs well down.

Confident Advice – When first sounding out a skip hire company, ask them all the questions you might have and don’t hesitate seeking advice. They should be happy to help and confident on all your queries. Hesitation around simple questions should be a big red flag. Low quality skip hire companies may employ unproven staff to look to save a bit on wages. This can lead to issues with the delivery and collection of skips for Mitcham residents. Again, fairly general advice.

Willingness to Help – It might be that you have fairly unique requirements e.g require a licence from your local authority, or need a succession of skips dropped off and collected quickly during a fairly rapid fire development phase. Any skip hire company worth their salt will jump to ensure all your requirements are met. We’d advice Mitcham residents who find a skip hire company somewhat begrudgingly offering solutions to take their business elsewhere; challenges are part of the job, and overcoming them is part of what separates the best from the rest!

Searching for a reputable skip hire company offering affordable skips in Mitcham? Pick up the phone and call Pillory Down Skips Ltd on 0208 652 5883.