The chances are that you need to hire a skip for ridding a home, business or site of waste materials because you don’t have the time to dispose of them yourself. Pillory Down Skips Ltd is the skip company from Banstead with a fantastic reputation. We’re the local cheap skip hire specialists with a flexible supply and collection service, and an ethical business model that understands the importance of managing waste in a responsible manner.

It makes sense that you would only want to use a skip company with a similar outlook on environmental care as your own, or with the same sustainability initiatives as your business.

We advise prospective customers in Banstead, and our commercial clients in particular, that poor waste management leaves you in breach of current EA best practices. Use a non-compliant waste disposal method or, worse still, fly tip, and you could face a fine running into thousands of pounds. It’s much better to hire a skip and to leave the hard work to us.

Treat our cheap skip hire services as an investment, and as a convenient way to rid yourself of rubbish without having to tread the murky waters of environmental compliancy.

General Waste Management

Pillory Down Skips Ltd never sends collected waste directly to landfill sites. We have our own sustainability initiatives, and process materials at our yard in Banstead with a view to recycling as many of them as possible. When you hire a skip from us, up to 90% of your general waste, and often more, goes back into secondary production and manufacture.

These figures say everything about our credentials as a skip company, and about a commitment to skip hire services that inspires confidence in our customers.

Non-recyclable waste from our skips goes to landfill in the appropriate fashion and in full compliance with current EA legislation. We might be a cheap skip hire company but there’s never any compromise in service when you leave your waste in our hands. Pillory Down Skips Ltd of Banstead promises to act on your behalf in a safe, ethical and transparent manner.

Recyclable Material

A modern skip hire service offers a series of key benefits to customers, and to businesses in particular, who need to keep their recyclable waste separated. If your company or organisation generates high waste volumes, hire a skip for each type of recyclable material as part of your own environmental initiative; one for cardboard and paper, another for metals, a third for landscaping waste and a fourth for non-recyclables.

As units fill, our skip company comes out to your location in Banstead to remove them, and it leaves empty skips in place so that you can continue recycling your materials.

Using cheap skip hire requires very little in terms of effort but provides insurmountable benefits for the environment. Pillory Down Skips Ltd has a conscientious approach to business. We want you to feel comfortable and reassured, and to hire a skip in the safe knowledge our company treats collected waste just as well as it treats its valued Banstead customers and clients.

Our skip company has a full selection of skip sizes available.

Call Pillory Down Skips Ltd on 0208 652 5883 to hire a skip for any project in Banstead. We have skips available from 4-yard through to 20-yard sizes.